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International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2023


Every individual has something relevant to say, something you never thought of. A human mind is restricted to its experiences, knowledge and perspectives. No one can do all or know all. This is the central argument for the need of diversity, and today, on the International Day for Women and Girls in Science, we want to emphasize the need for women’s perspectives and abilities in scientific research.

Scientific research itself has shown results indicating the strengths that women can carry into their research careers. For example, a review by Meyers-Levy & Loken (2014) shows that women tend to be more inclusive or comprehensive than men in detecting and selecting data. Not only is it important to have as large a mix of abilities within a team as possible, but it is simply unacceptable to leave women and girls with potential and with the desire to participate in science behind.

Along with the efforts we make at BIRA-IASB in terms of education and outreach, we want to mark this day by putting forward a work of art from Ward Neefs, symbolizing our intentions to keep making efforts towards inclusiveness:

This watercolor painting proposes opening up scientific research to all the women of the world. From exploring the tiniest structures inside atoms to the greatness of galaxies. From elementary life forms to complex living creatures on our Earth.
Discovering the secrets of water, earth, and air. Following the trace of light. Investigating evolution. Paving roads to explore the universe. Women’s brilliant minds and collaborative spirits will allow us to make the next big scientific leaps.

– Ward Neefs

Aquarel Ward Neefs


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Painting of our engineer Ward Neefs (2023)